About Ayuyoga


Sandra Hayes

I have experienced all of the Vedic teachings to be truly invaluable. They have transformed my health (both physical and mental), my energy levels and have shown me what the human mind really is capable of. 

They have given me an understanding and a deep love for the world around me and have enabled me to live authentically and from a constant source of vital life energy, creativity and joy.

And they have given me the tools to take responsibility for my own health & financial stability, my happiness and wellbeing and for finding and living my true purpose in life. 

And I believe that I can teach you these tools too – to be happy and healthy, to optimise your energy levels and discover your own powers of creative manifestation so you can live your life to your fullest potential. 

What is AyuYoga?

Ayu means Life. Yoga is the union of all of the layers of our consciousness. 

Ayurveda is the science of life. 

AyuYoga is Yoga for life. 

It is Yoga based on Ayurvedic principles, aiming to create balance in body, energy, mind, consciousness and soul. 

AyuYoga focuses on all of these areas – through the Vedic philosophy as a whole. 

Asana is just one small part of it – an important part though. It supports us on our journey to greater freedom. 

Freedom from restrictions, obstacles, addictions, disease, unconscious conditionings and limiting self-beliefs. 

To achieve this, we use the Vedic traditions and teachings of the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Pradipika, Vedic Mythology, Vedanta, Ayurveda and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) as well as additional methods of creativity, meditation and release. 

In one on one counselling sessions, you will be guided toward greater freedom, using the methods that are most appropriate for you. 

Your aim may be to find relieve from physical disorders, disease or weight issues, or it may be to grow in confidence, to understand your Karma better and find out what your true purpose in life is. Or it may be to feel more joy, connection and abundance in life, or to understand the workings of the universe and what is happening in the world at this time from a greater, karmic perspective. 


My own journey of transformation started with a near-death experience in 1992, during a motorbike accident, which catapulted me on to a path of self-discovery and awakening

To find an answer to the big question of who am I, I studied theatre and dance, took on many jobs (stilt-walker, fire-breather, youth-worker, dancer, bouncer, post-natal assistant, medieval performer, to name a few…) and travelled in search of adventure.

I learned about the meaning of the divine feminine through ancient forms of expression found in art and dance and for many years I taught Belly Dance to groups of amazing women in Ireland. 

I met incredible teachers who taught me about my own creative powers of manifestation, studied Shiatsu, Buddhism, creative writing, dance, Shamanic journeying and Vedic philosophy until the essence of all of these paths finally merged into one.

My own personal daily practice consists of chanting, pranayama, meditation and Asana as well as the continuous study and application of Vedic wisdom in daily life. 

Creativity, particularly writing, remains an important part of my journey and I believe it to be crucial in acquiring a language of the soul, through which we can understand the deeper dimensions of life.

TRAININGS & Qualifications