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– Dare to Shine Program begins again in January – bookings are now open

– Applied Vedic Philosophy online program for self-study (please contact me for information)

Next workshops:

– A new way of understanding the messages of your body – the basics of Ayurveda. Free e-book included. Next date tbc

– Vedic Mythology, Archetypes and the Hero‘s Journey. Next date tbc

– The Yoga Sutras as an ancient psychology – next date tbc. 

You are the hero in your own story

Learn to understand the Vedic scriptures – what are they, where do they come from and what do they have to teach us today? Learn a new language – the language of your soul. Learn to understand the messages of your body, your mind and read the DNA of your soul, revealing your karma and purpose in life. 

You are the hero of your own story – learn to understand that story deeply. 

Through an online library of videos and audio you can take the journey of knowledge, while being supported in a group as well as in one on one Vedic counselling sessions. 

Shorter, online only course, workshops as well as the full program are available to you.

If you are a Yoga Teacher, this will change your path significantly. You will emerge with a true understanding of the teachings and be able to apply new depths to your practice that will lead to true transformation for yourself and your students. This program is Yoga Alliance certified. 

If you are a counsellor, this will give you a new perspective and greater depth in your understanding of what mental health really can mean. 

And even if you are simply looking to add meaning to your life and find better, more authentic ways of living, then do book a call with me so we can get to know each other and find out if this program is right for you. 

Karla's Testimonial:



Dharma is one’s own life’s purpose. Each of us has our own unique blueprint of Karma and from that we can recognise our life’s path and purpose in the world. We all are divine beings and represent the universe and it’s evolution and each of us are the most important tool in this process. To understand the laws of universal nature means to understand one’s own true nature. 

Basic concepts of Vedic Philosophy, Mythology and Vedic Astrology help us to understand these laws more fully. 


If we want to walk the path of Dharma and live authentically from our full potential, we need to have the right means to do so. First of all that means a healthy body. Yoga and Ayurveda gives us the tools to truly understand the body and it’s constant communications so that we can live a healthy life full of vitality. Only then can we make a proper living, aligned with our true self, so that we are free from sorrows and worries about survival. 


When we are fully healthy in body and mind with full immunity, then our capacity to experience true joy increases. We are capable of love and happiness and of abundant creativity and playfulness. Kama, the god of love, opens our heart and with that, we open the door to our soul. To understand ourselves on such a deep level, we need the language of the soul – a childlike, joyful, feminine language full of story, mythology and symbolism. Through following our heart’s desire, we can truly connect to ourselves again. 



Everyone of us deeply desires freedom. Freedom from addictions, from dependencies, freedom from unconscious conditionings that lead to difficult karma and freedom from unhealthy desires. We all want to live a life of our own choosing. And we do all choose our lives, but for most of us, our choices are made unconsciously, from our old programming and conditioning. To be truly free means to free ourselves from these conditionings and re-program our mind. To resolve all of our Karma and manifest our lives from our true being is true Moksha. 



An online learning platform for Yoga Teachers or anyone who feels drawn to the Vedic teachings. In 7 modules we will explore different aspects of the teachings like Samkhya, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Tantra, Sanskrit, Mantra and Jyotish as well as the practical teachings of Yoga. We will read through or discuss many of the scriptures (ie Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and more). In the last module you will have the chance to revise and apply the teachings to your own life, through your own summary and experience and so earn your Yoga Alliance certificate. 


Theoretical learning only can give us information but it can never give us transformation. To truly experience the deeply transformational, healing and liberating effects of the Vedic teachings we have to apply them practically, experiential and creatively so that we can feel and sense their truths in us. To understand that we are divine beings full of cosmic purpose, we have to dive in deeply. 

This course is not for the faint hearted – but it is the most rewarding one. 

To find out if it is the right one for you, please book a free information call with me.



Online as well as in person – workshops on different Vedic subjects will be offered. Interactive Zoom classes on subjects like the basics of Ayurveda, Yoga Sutras as ancient psychology or Vedic mythology and archetypes will be offered regularly. Schedule will be updated here soon – or you can always send me a message to ask. 

A local Philosophy cafe is planned soon too – meet us in Murnau at the Café Miteinander for some gorgeous cake and a discussion on some of the ancient Vedic texts.