Dare to Shine! 

using Applied Vedic Philosophy, practice, creativity and vedic/ayurvedic Counselling to deeply explore your own soul, karma and purpose

A course in true transformation

A 9 month-long training in true transformation, based on applied Vedic wisdom – this course is not for the faint-hearted. Unearthing the creative powers of manifestation through the divine feminine principle, you will dive deep into your heart and soul. Through the teachings of Vedic Philosophy, you will learn how to re-balance body and mind, understand your karmic patterns, dissolve unconscious programming and shed old stories that are preventing you from experiencing true belonging. Whether you are a Yoga teacher, a counsellor or a personal Soul-Searcher, you can dive in deep to discover your true potential and feel your soul shine!

What does it contain?

According to Vedic Thought, there are four aspects to achieving happiness in life

1. Dharma – Everyone has a divine role to play, a purpose of how to shine light into this world. Finding and fulfilling this purpose is key to happiness. Without it, we may experience feelings of not belonging, low energy, low confidence, a feeling of being in the wrong place/body/relationship. We may feel that life is full of obstacles. Dharma is also tied closely to understanding our karmic patterns and how to resolve them.

2. Artha – In order to be able to fulfil our Dharma, we need sufficient material security. Earning money is not a goal in itself but an important means to following our purpose in life. Financial and material security is the pillar that supports us living an authentic life in accordance to our Dharma. 

3. Kama – in feeling secure and aligned with our soul’s purpose, we develop a deep, inner sense of joy – a happiness that is our birth-right. This sense of joy, contentment and bliss leads to greater capacities to love and experience happy relationships. 

4. Moksha – when we reach such a stage of balance, experiencing life as an expression of the divine within us, feeling inner contentment and joy, we begin to trust, surrendering to the forces of the cosmos. In that surrender, we experience a profound feeling of freedom, of liberation from the conditionings of the mind that have previously held us back. 

DARE TO SHINE is a program that will work through all of these areas using tools and methods derived from Vedic thought and creative experiences. It is a program that will lead you – through plenty of personal guidance – to your own, inner experiences of purpose, stability, joy and liberation. 

Registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals

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