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On occasion of a new moon in Magha Nakshatra in the sign of Leo, I have a new blog post for you here:

And as a gift for you that `I hope will help you to trust, let go and honour your ancestors at the same time, please feel free to use this guided journey to the right. 

It is a journey through our deepest chakra, Muladhara, the root chakra. Lie down, relax, and feel the liberating power of letting go….

Here is the direct link to the youtube audio file:

Jyotish, the science of light – Vedic Astrology – is one of the six Vedangas – the Vedic limbs that are necessary to understand before we can begin to understand the Vedic scriptures.

But Vedic Astrology isn’t the same as western Astrology. 

Vedic Astrology is a very old, holistic system that sees the spiralling movement of the stars as patterns of our soul’s DNA. Just like a modern biologist can learn to read the pattern of the amino acids our cell DNA and recognise our body’s inherited strength and weaknesses, our soul’s DNA can give us insights into our karmic path. 

Time is the movement of light through space. And light is the visible energy of consciousness. As the universe expands, so does our consciousness. 

Vedic astrology uses 9 heavenly bodies (Grahas) to explain the human condition:

Surya, the sun, which stands for our soul, our Self – that, which shines by itself. 

Chandra, the moon, is our mind with all of it’s emotional capacity. 

Mangala – Mars – is our energy and courage. Budha, or Mercury is our discerning intellect. Guru – Jupiter – is our higher wisdom while Shukra, or Venus, is our sensual side – our capacity to love and to see and create beauty in the world. Shani, or Saturn, is our stern teacher who brings us obstacles through which we can grow but also gives us discipline and endurance. And then there are Rahu and Ketu – the shadows, the imaginary points in the sky that create the eclipses. Rahu stands for our worldly unconscious desires and delusions and Ketu for our potential for liberations. Together they form the cast in our divine play, our personal story, the journey of our soul.

In our birth chart, we can see our divine story unfold. We can recognise karmic patterns and benefic or malefic influences that help us understand what we can do to balance it out. We can see our individual dharma, our divine calling in this life and we can understand the unconscious desires that created our incarnation in this life.

The Vedic system differs from the western system in many ways – maybe most importantly in its calculations of the planetary movements. In the west, we use calculations that were written several hundred years ago, when the spring equinox coincided with the constellation of Aries, and it is still used in this way. In Vedic astrology however, the difference in movement of the seasons and of the constellations is taken into account, which creates a change of 1 degree every 72 years, currently placing our spring equinox in the constellation of Pisces.

Vedic astrology – together with Ayurveda and Yoga – forms the basis of Vedic counselling. In an individual reading I can help you figure out the essence of your journey and the karma you need to resolve in this life. 

The cost for an initial reading is Euro 120.

To book a session, please send me a message below, including your full name, birth date and exact time and place. Also include what is your main concern and why you would like to have a reading. 

And let me know what times are best for you to meet via zoom. If you prefer, I can also send you a recording of your personalised chart reading.