AyuYoga Courses

Yoga is a truly transformational practice that goes far beyond physical health. But for it to really unlock its potential, it has to be fully understood.
Understanding what it really is, where it comes from, its underlying philosophies and teachings is key to getting the full benefits from this incredible practice.
In this course, you can build up this knowledge from scratch, learning about the origins of Yoga and its scriptures, Samkhya philosophy, the Yoga Sutras and other texts and key concepts in a way that is easy to understand. You will get a chance to apply this knowledge practically into your life through reflective practices. And you will also get a chance to build up a daily home asana practice in an easy to manage way – going from just a few minutes to an hour long.
There will also be a private facebook group for you to join so you can post questions and we can discuss things together.
At the end of the course I hope that you will be enriched with a deep understanding and empowered with new tools for your own, personal growth and transformation that will allow you to live your life to your fullest potential.
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