WEbinar by sandra Hayes

How to fall in love with yourself and the world
(A vedic perspective)

What You'll Learn 

Understanding our most outdated and limiting unconscious conditionings

Becoming aware of unconscious thought patterns we have been conditioned to believe is the first step toward greater Self-Love. These thought patterns are deeply rooted in us and are the cause of all that has gone wrong in the world. 

Understanding our true nature - who are we really?

Any good relationship rests on understanding. Once we've become aware of the root-causes of our dysfunctions, we can fully comprehend our true nature and realise how beautiful it all really is. And when we do, we can't help but fall in love with ourselves - and the world - again. 

Practical methods - training the mind to trust in our Self.  

Understanding something in theory is one thing, but truly experiencing it is another. With these practical suggestions, you will have tools available to you that will enable you to actually feel your true nature so that you can experience a deep sense of Self-Love and with it, a love for the world. 

About Sandra Hayes

"I have experienced the Vedic teachings and the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to be truly invaluable. They have transformed my life from a place of trauma, lack of Self-worth and and distrust to a place of deep joy and love for the world around me. 

They have enabled me to live authentically, from a constant source of energy that unlocks the human potential of Self-healing.

And I believe that I can teach you what I have learned throughout my life so that you too can overcome your obstacles and live life to your fullest potential. 

With this webinar, I hope to give you a taster of some of these teachings."

(Sandra Hayes, Vedic Counsellor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher)

Testimonials From Previous Clients

"Fantastic! Such a beautiful message. It really made me thing about some things I thought I knew. It puts modern thinking into a much needed perspective. Everyone should hear these much needed messages and I look forward to the next videos in the series." (Anna, after watching the webinar)

"My life completely changed in the span of a few months. With Sandra's guidance I've been able to transform my health and mindset into a much better state than what I thought was possible." (Claire, after a series of Ayurvedic consultations)

"It's amazing to think that I've gone through life holding on to so many obstacles, not able to let them go, when actually it would have been so easy to do. If only I'd known all of that sooner!" (Dee, after Vedic counselling)

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