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HOW to fall in love with yourself and the world - a vedic perspective

Would you like to deepen your sense of Self-Love and explore your own journey of transformation?

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Dare To Shine - A Deep Exploration Of The Soul

A Course In True Transformation

I am offering you a 9 month-long training in true transformation, based on applied Vedic wisdom. During this course we will be unearthing your own Karma, your life's purpose and potential and activate your creative powers of manifestation through the divine feminine principle. You will dive deep into your heart and soul until you fall in love with yourself completely! 

Through the teachings of Vedic Philosophy, you will learn how to shed old stories, understand your karmic patterns and dissolve unconscious programming that are preventing you from experiencing true belonging in the world. We all have infinite potential in us - Discover yours and let your soul shine!

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to experience life on a deeper level and explore a more nourishing perspective than what our current narrative allows. 

Anyone who is interested to understand the philosophies of the Vedas (Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta etc) on a practical, integrative level of experience rather than just through book-learning.

Anyone who is ready for true transformation and evolution in their life. 

What does it contain?

Empowerment through Knowledge 

The wisdom and key concepts of the Vedas will be the backbone of our work together. During the course of the seven modules you will get an overview of the Vedic scriptures, study the Yoga Sutras, Samkhya Philosophy, Ayurveda, Vedanta and much more. But this knowledge will not remain simple theoretical knowledge, it will be integrated in your life and applied in practical ways, as methods and tools for your own, personal transformation. 
Practical Application
The practical tools used are all based on the Vedic teachings. Some are traditional forms and methods, including a personalised daily asana practice, pranayama and meditation, and some are newer techniques and releasing methods to effectively re-set the nervous system that will be applied according to personal need. Connection to nature, diet and lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles will play a central role in your journey to transformation.

Creativity and the divine Feminine 
Messages of the soul can only be understood through metaphor and symbolism, never through linear thought and logic alone. It needs to be merged with the forces of creation, our felt sense, through myth and story, dreams and symbolism to create our own language of the soul and understand the deeper essence of our story. We will explore these areas deeply through the medium of creative writing and
 other forms of art. 

Personal Guidance 
As we are all living, breathing works of art rather than machines, there is no set formula that works for all. In regular one to one ayurvedic/vedic counselling sessions throughout the course, we can work together on your personal transformation in ways that benefit your higher purpose. Creation of community and a support system, and a heart based communication between us and your fellow students is greatly encouraged.

Start Your Journey Of Transformation

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