The Vedic perspective of what it means to be human is an empowering, life-affirming one. It is a manual on how to achieve optimal mental health, joy, Self-love and abundance. We are all, at our core, divine beings, full of creative potential that we can realise. Self-realisation is not something that is reserved for the rare, disciplined ascetics, it is our natural state, our birth-right. All we have to do is shed the old stories and conditionings that we have accumulated through our experiences and karmic patterns and realise the immense potentiality that lies beneath. 

As a Vedic counsellor, I can help to guide you toward this experience. In a series of sessions we will slowly uncover what it is that is holding you back, shed these old believes and develop practical methods that will strengthen you and lead you toward your vision to make you believe in yourself and your greater purpose in life. 

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Initially I recommend you take an Ayurvedic consultation. During this consultation we will determine your state of health, diet, lifestyle, Ayurvedic constitution, state of mind and your current circumstances and goals. From here, the direction of our work together will be determined. For the best possible outcome I recommend a series of at least six one on one sessions, however the individual needs can of course vary a lot. 
Practical methods that may be used (according to what is most needed) are:
– Different releasing methods like deep relaxation, TRE, Sedona Method, etc
– Physical exercise/movement/Yoga Asana practice
– Breathing techniques/Pranayama and Meditation
– Creative methods/writing/creative manifestation
– Diet/Nutrition/Lifestyle
– Ayurvedic massage therapy