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Individually applied, Yoga, Jyotish and Ayurveda together can provide a lot of lifestyle guidance for you to achieve optimal health and happiness.

Through your birth chart, we can determine your karmic potential and take steps toward a more balanced life.

A thorough Ayurvedic consultation will determine your mental and physical constitution and state of health that will allow us to devise a plan for a more individualised diet and lifestyle.

Yoga (including mindfulness practices, posture practice, breath work, relaxation and meditation) will give you the right tools, adjusted to your individual needs, in order to strengthen and balance your mind and nervous system.

Other methods may also be applied where applicable for you to reach a state of optimal wellbeing and clarity. 

The concept of Enlightenment is nothing but the process of becoming fully conscious, liberating ourselves from our unconscious conditionings to become aware of our true, divine potential. All of us are in that process. All of us are on the path of enlightenment. And all of us are a microcosm of the universe. 


Please feel free to contact me for any questions – or book your first session by clicking the button below. 

This package includes everything you need to kickstart your transformation:

  • Your Vedic birth chart and a basic reading of your karmic patterns
  • An Ayurvedic consultation and appropriate individual diet/lifestyle recommendations
  • 2 private sessions to teach you your individualised practice
  • Some free supporting material for you to use (ie practice videos/Ayurveda e-book etc, depending on your needs). 
Price: 290 Euro

DARE TO SHINE – the full transformation program

For 9 month – the duration of a pregnancy – I will accompany you through your personal transformation. 

Using your Vedic birth chart, we will look at your karmic potential and how to best work with it. 

In Ayurvedic consultations, we will look at your individual constitution and how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to optimise your mental and physical health. 

We will also look at your relationship with your environment and how to harmonise it and we will explore personalised, practical tools and methods that will help you to let go of old, unconscious conditionings and patterns that don’t serve you anymore. 

Together, we will also build a personal practice that may consist of Yoga postures, Pranayama/Breathing techniques, deep relaxation and inner journey work, chanting and/or meditation. 

During our time together we will meet online (via zoom, what’s app or messenger according to your own wishes) for approx. 27 hours – that’s either 27 one hour sessions or 18 x 90 min sessions, according to your needs. 

We will also be connected via WhatsApp (or similar), so that we can stay in touch. 

In addition, you will get access to valuable resources that will help you in your understanding of your journey.

If you are interested to find out more, please book a free information call with me here: