The Vedic scriptures provide us with a complete manual on how to live an optimal life as a human being. They give us a beautiful perspective of our Self as perfect and divine – all we need to do is to learn how to see it, feel it, experience it. 

The concept of Enlightenment is nothing but the shedding of light on to all of our dark places, deep inside our unconscious mind. To become aware of our unconscious conditionings, recognise our true purpose in life and understand our karma – to understand our own Soul’s journey to enlightenment fully is the goal of Vedic counselling. 

The methods used are taken from the Vedic teachings – Jyotish (the study of light & consciousness), Ayurveda (the science of life and how to restore health), Yoga (the re-balancing of the mind and nervous system), Vedanta and Vedic Mythology (so we can understand the soul and it’s language).

Depending on your individual goal, or need, we will be working more physically, creatively, or mentally, creating a personalised practice, diet and lifestyle and deciphering the patterns of your soul’s DNA through your Vedic birth chart. 


Beginning with an initial consultation, we will determine the course of our work together. We may focus on ayurvedic diet, lifstyle and the treatment of disorders, or we may work with archetypes and mythology, creative methods and/or movement in order to unearth and release some of your unconscious conditionings. If you know your exact birth time, your Vedic Astrology Chart will be used to get an insight into your life‘s journey and karmic seeds. 


In a series of sessions, I will then continue to be your support until you feel that you have reached the time where you can feel free from what has been holding you back.