Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are offered again from September, hopefully in person in my home studio in Piercestown (depending on regulations).

More informations to follow.

Resetting the Nervous System

Our frontal cortex takes up about 10% of activity in our brain, yet it uses up a lot of our energy. So much of our vital life force goes into maintaining our mental activities that have to do with thinking, analysing, processing, planning, etc. The constant background noise in our minds is like an overloaded iPhone or computer that is never cleaned out, with apps that are always running, so even when it is charged, it doesn’t ever fully reach it’s potential.

Our limbic system is where our memory is stored. From this memory, conscious and unconscious, we create our story, we build our future. Future really is nothing more than our anticipated past.

So many unresolved stories are clinging on to our mind, be it in full awareness, when we are thinking about something that happened to us or that we have done wrong, or unconsciously, in unresolved resentment we aren’t even aware we have.

What if we can clear the clogged up system, shed our built up stories and release them, to be free again for new possibilities? Reclaim our vital life force for things other than the running of unnecessary programs?

We are all divine beings, full of the greatest powers of creation.

But as long as we are only stuck in the pathways that we have been driving around over and over again, we will limiting ourselves and not realising our potential.

If we want to be aligned with the universal energies and be in the flow of life, we need to clear out our system and make ourselves available to the gifts and graces that we all are able to receive.

Fortunately, their are tools to help us do just that.

In this full day workshop, we will learn the transformational techniques the vedas are teaching us. How to re-set the nervous system and re-claim our own vital life force.

The day will consist of talks, physical postures, Breathwork, TRE, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Tea and snacks will be provided.

Dates to be announced

Yoga Group

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very slow and gentle but also very deep penetrating style of Yoga that is a perfect complimentary practice to Vinyasa Yoga.

Yin Yoga has a variety of incredible benefits:

On a physical level:
Fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds all our muscles, bones and organs and forms our ligaments and tendons, can tighten around weaker parts of the body (resulting from previous injury or, postural problems, emotional or physical trauma), causing this body part to feel tight and difficult to open up through a regular Yoga practice.
These tissues need a different approach to being exercised. Yin Yoga uses a variety of postures, mostly on the floor, that can be held for longer periods of time, using gravity and time rather than muscle force.

On an energetic level:
Each posture also works on an energetic level on the Nadis or Meridians of the body (which are situated within the fascia) and can have a similar effect to a Shiatsu treatment or Acupuncture. Chakra work can also be done through Yin Yoga.

On a meditative level:
Each posture is held for several minutes. The nature of the postures and the longer period of time spent in them provide a great opportunity to practice mindfulness, breath awareness and meditation. Practitioners often find this more accessible than merely sitting in a meditative practice.

These short, 2 1/2 hour workshops are planned to return in September. Details to follow.