The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning “to yolk” or “to unite”. But what is it that we are trying to unite?

Our whole being consists of many layers – the body, our Vital energy, our emotions, our intelligence, our spiritual consciousness, our soul. Often, we are not aware of what is going on in all of these layers, they are disconnected – our unconscious mind that carries so many karmic conditionings is driving many of our choices in life – weather they are good or bad. 

Often, we are not in sync with our own soul – our body functions – or dysfunctions – because of this alignment with our true self.

Yoga aims to bring us back into alignment with our true self. It tries to purify us from all of these unconscious conditionings and limiting believes, of our old karmic seeds that are obstacles to living a truly happy and authentic life. 

Yoga refers to the union between body, mind and our innermost self. The union between us, and the whole universe. 

If we can bring harmony and balance into all of our layers of being, we can optimise the functioning of our bodies and minds and align ourselves with the natural flow of the universe, thus bringing ease and abundance into our lives.

Through Yoga practice, we can achieve a state of equilibrium by re-setting our energy centres, nervous and circulatory system, musculoskeletal system and bring peace and wellbeing to our mind. 

Of course there is a lot more to Yoga than the physical practice on the mat – but here is where most of us begin. 

It all starts with some simple postures and breath-work. But in the end, it will transform your life. 


For me, the traditional style of Ashtanga Yoga has been truly transformational. It has not only healed my old injuries and weaknesses but it has really given me a completely new relationship with my own body. 

The primary series is called Yoga Cikitsa (Yoga Therapy) for good reason – the body will be challenged and moved in all possible directions, the breath is controlled and will influence the nervous system positively and directly, so that the whole system is re-set, your metabolism is encouraged to detoxify each cell in your body and your mind will be focused and concentrated until you will experience a beautiful sense of calm, strength, freedom and well-being. 

The hormone and Chakra system is balanced in a systematic way and each organ is strengthened, circulated and flushed through a well organised series of postures. Even the eyes are part of the practice through specific gazing points.

The primary series is a great basis from where we can build a practice. 

But each person is of course an individual and will eventually need variations and modifications or additional postures and so – in both, led group classes as well as private, individual classes, the series will need to become flexible as a practice. 

This is why, even in group settings, I like to keep my options open – when I notice the need for modification of the traditional series, I will do so, keeping the needs of the practitioner in mind above the traditional sequence.  

The physical practice of Ashtanga Yoga is based primarily on a system that includes the 8 limbs of Yoga (Ashta = 8, Anga = limb), especially the inner four: Asana (physical practice), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (inner awareness), Dharana (concentration). The outer limbs (Yama, Niyama, Dhyana and Samadhi) will arise naturally from the practice over time. 

The system of Ashtanga Yoga in the original sense of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is an extremely intelligent, traditional method that brings together all of the important elements of Yoga in an intense and hugely effective practice. In this method you will experience transformation quickly!


“I find Sandra to be an amazing teacher: passionate, holistic and knowledgeable.”

Brenda Harkin

“Sandra is an excellent teacher and has created a Yoga class that is accommodating to all levels. Always a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

Caolan Barron

“Brilliant class and amazing teacher! I still can’t believe the change in my flexibility, strength and balance. And the best thing – it keeps on getting better!”

Alexandra Drafilova

“I actually feel taller! Brilliant class! I’ll be back for sure!”

Leanne Sheridan

“Good atmosphere, wonderful location, awesome teacher!”

Agnes Wo

“Great class, felt fab after, just what I needed, great teacher too. It went by too quickly. Really looking forward to the next class and the next and the next…”

Siobhan Donohue



MONDAYS 7pm Irish time/8pm European time:

Ashtanga Yoga full primary series (for experienced practitioners only)

FRIDAYS 10am Irish time/11am European time:

AyuYoga Sequence (based on the Ashtanga Yoga system with postures to strengthen the core and counteract the effects of much sitting/driving. For experienced practitioners.





Ashtanga Yoga modified half primary series 

8pm Ashtanga Yoga half primary series

@Yogablu Murnau




Ashtanga Yoga Introduction Workshop

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Yin Yoga

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